This website is full of hilarious interactive comics, cartoons, games and other graphics. It is updated quite often by Cartoonist & 3D visual artist Rolf van Slooten, and translator, music producer and photographer Gert van Santen. Oh, and just to be completely clear: you won’t find x-rated stuff here, so if you’re into that – tough luck!

We couldn’t do what we’re doing without technology. Some say we’re addicted to computers, software and other ICT tools, be it Apple Mac or PC, Intel or AMD, notebook or desktop. Of course we own Canon and Nikon DSLRs, compact cameras, iPhones and iPods and Macbooks. We will take them anywhere; to our clients, on vacation, on the plane – even to hotels and camping sites. And while our children and families are skiing, hiking, drinking cocktails on the beach or having a bite in a nice restaurant, daddy is on the internet, uploading pictures to facebook or flickr while listening to self produced music on iTunes!

We don’t have real jobs – we’re not like greengrocers, butchers, lawyers, bus drivers or insurance agents. We don’t work in an office with cubicles, an annoying boss, stressed colleagues, a lousy canteen or frustrating time clocks. We don’t drive company cars, we don’t wear three-piece Armani suits and we don’t care for fashion trends. We’re just laidback dudes who work from home and love to dress in leisure stuff like jeans and T-shirts.
Our passion is our work, and our work is our passion. And boy are we having fun! That’s why we love giving you some of our fun as well. Be sure to check the rest of this site!

According to some, we are way too much interested in religion, conspiracies, the greenhouse effect, Dan Brown’s books, the movies, the Holy Grail, NASA discoveries, life on Mars, the expanding Universe, aliens, vaccinations, the New World Order and the Financial crisis, just to mention a few things. And we’re wondering what the president of the USA and the leaders of European Union are going to do about them. We don’t play CD’s and DVD’s a lot lately, because we’re more into mp3 and video. Nintendo, PlayStation, wii, games – cool, but what a waste of time! We are working on earning bucket loads of money, not by stock trading, selling insurances, or playing the lottery! Nope. We are following a course on becoming very rich as soon as possible. See you soon at our party in the Royal Penthouse Suite of the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva – or something.

And if you think we’re blabbering ADD freaks who should be on ritalin, you’re probably right!



*Weird, and sometimes interactive cartoons, sprouted from the curious minds of Wave World High Priests Safandjaro & Pbalris.

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